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Kerala: Govt asked to check contamination of fish November 14,2017   |  Source: The Hindu

The Kerala State Human Rights Commission has issued directions to the Government to crackdown on the widespread use of chemicals for preservation of fish. Acting on petitions filed by Manu C. Mathew, C.J. Johnson and Ajith, the commission urged the Government to constitute a task force comprising officials from the departments of Food Safety, Health and Fisheries to carry out periodic inspections at fish markets.

Highlighting the need to keep a constant tab on fish markets at the district, panchayat and taluk levels, acting chairman of the commission P. Mohandas called for a mechanism to collect and test samples at regular intervals. He stressed the need for a public awareness campaign against the use of chemicals for preservation of fish.

The commission was earlier informed by the Food Safety Commissioner that chemical contamination had been noticed in the fish brought to Kerala from other States. Ice factories supplying to fish markets were found to be mixing formalin and sodium benzoate was also being used as a preservative. The department also informed the Commission that inspection of fish markets in coastal areas had been stepped up with the help of the Marine Police. Observing that the recommendations of the Lok Ayukta to check chemical contamination of fish had not

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