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Sri Lanka and Maldives: Small country like Maldives is far ahead Sri Lanka in fishing industry lessons to learn November 14,2017   |  Source: Lanka Web

Budget 2017 has given a meagre amount of rupees to build boats of 55 feet or more length ,for which government intends to cover 50 % of the cost and to install ice making plants in multiday fishing boats. I raised this matter at the forum organized by Ernest and Young ,on how does the government intend to implement such scheme. Deputy Secretary to treasury promised to have weekly follow up meetings and ensure implementation of budget proposals.

Government or Ministry of Fisheries has no clue how to implement such a plan. After a thorough investigation on how Maldives developed their fishing Industry which was far behind ours .I decided to educate our politicians and technocrats on how to proceed with such plan

As a boat /ship builder in Sri Lanka .we investigated how such a small country like Maldives has gone very far in developing fishing industry. This was 1977 when we opened our free market economy ……..

1977 Maldives drew a development loan from Kuwait Fund, just before president Nasir step down. The Development project had 280 fishing boats of 45 feet with a 45 Hp, Yanmar Diesel, with all the navigational and lifesaving equipment.. Under the project a Boat Yard was developed and prior to that a young man was sent to Australia educated him in Naval

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