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India: Coastal Models Need Innovation by Kota Sriraj December 07,2017   |  Source: The Pioneer

To better tackle ecological challenges facing coastal areas, including that of climate change, livelihood activities must be re-invented. Appropriate measures and suitable innovation are the need of the hour Activities in the coastal areas, such as fishing, aquaculture and agriculture, on which tremendous number of people depend for their livelihoods, need to be reinvented in order to effectively tackle the ecological challenges facing the coastal areas, besides the larger threat posed by climate change. According to findings by a new report, the Marine Advantage, empowering coastal communities, safeguarding marine ecosystems from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) coastal communities and marine ecosystems can benefit a lot from climate-smart agriculture and fishing practices. The IFAD report shows that climate-smart agriculture can also have knock-on benefits for marine ecosystems. Sustainable development in agriculture and allied sectors, including aquaculture, can reduce human pressures on marine ecosystems, which are vulnerable to overfishing, ocean acidification and coral bleaching.

Thanks to rapid climate change, agriculture and fisheries, the backbone of food security and nutrition for coastal communities, not only in India but globally too,


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