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Kerala: Govt to maintain a registry of fishermen December 07,2017   |  Source: The Times Of India

The state cabinet has decided to implement a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of fishermen from natural calamities. Equipping fishing boats with GPS system and providing insurance for life and their assets are part of the plan that will be implemented immediately. Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that in future it will be made mandatory that fishermen should record their names in the registry that will be kept by the fisheries department.

"Even though a few boats are already using GPS facilities, they are not doing it regularly. A decision has been taken to make GPS mandatory for all fishing boats. Also, a facility will be provided to transmit messages from satellites to the mobile phones of fishermen when they are out at sea. This will be used as a two-way communication. It will also send messages to Coast Guard on the developments occurring at sea," said the chief minister.The executive committee of Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) - headed by the chief secretary - has been asked to take steps to equip boats with these facilities. The state government will bear all expenses to improve the technology for getting regular updates on climatic changes and passing the information to fishermen, he added.

The state cabinet also decided to revamp


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