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Myanmar: Cement factory draws ire of fishermen by NAW BETTY HAN January 12,2018   |  Source: Myanmar Times

Fishermen in Kyaikmaraw township in Mon State have complained against a cement producer whose operations, they said, were detrimental to their health and livelihood. The company in question, Mariana Container Lines (MCL), operates vessels all day to ferry coal and rocks needed to produce cement on the Attrayan River, the main source of daily catch of local fishermen. Since the company has vessels traversing all day long, it restricted the movement of fishermen, as they were forced to wait for the vessels to pass before they could set about the daily chore. They said it was tantamount to a waste of time and loss of their rights to fish in their own waters. The problem was raised at a regional Mon meeting called on January 9 when the issue of access to use natural water resources was also discussed, at length.

The average daily catch of fishermen has also dwindled as vibrations emanating from the passing vessels were driving fish away from their nets, said Nai Win Hla, a native of Kyaikmaraw township. “Last year a fisherman’s average daily catch over 3 or 4 viss [4.9 or 6.5 kilogrammes], but this season it’s difficult to get half a viss [0.82 kg]. The problem was compounded by a landslide along a stretch of the Attrayan River which destroyed the ecosystem,” he

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