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Tamil Nadu: Kin of missing fisher still hope for miracle January 12,2018   |  Source: The Times of India

For more than a week, as the days passed with little good news from the search team, relatives of 70 fishermen missing since Ockhi struck them during fishing expedition, waited with bated breath hoping for a miracle. But the 32-strong fishers' team has returned empty-handed on Friday, spending almost eight days looking for their missing counterparts in the rough sea, dashing any last hope the families had of tracing out their dearest ones. With the third search mission - one led by the Navy and others by fishermen - going in vain with no glad news, the dejected families are now forced to believe that they are dead and want the government to declare it officially. "The government should declare them dead and provide us the promised relief Rs 20 lakh and government jobs, soon," they said.

However, a few realtives, like those of John Bright, 32, of Vallavilai, do not need those compensations but want the government to carry out a deep see search. They are still keeping their fingers crossed that someday their dearest ones would come back. "He is still alive. The rescue team has searched only a few thousand nautical miles. But the sea is over several lakh nautical miles," B Gnanaprakash, 61, who gave a good share to Rs 12 lakh, the total cost of the search, told TOI.

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