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Meghayala: KSU Sees Radiation Effect In Fresh Case Of Dead Fish April 16,2018   |  Source: The Shillong Times

Fish in the Kynshi river in Rankor continue to die but the recent case has similarities with what happened in 2005 in Mawthabah and Domiasiat areas, a KSU unit has said. Marconi Thongni, the KSU Ranikor circle president and chairman of the environment protection cell, said this time the symptoms were different. “The fishes continue to die in the same area of the Kynshi river. However, this time, the fishes did not die in masses like before but it was found that the ones that died had some kind of sores or blisters in the skin,” he said.

Thongni said the dead fishes bore the same marks as those which died in 2005 in the rivers and streams near Mawthabah and Domiasiat areas. The union believes that the reason is radiation from uranium. Expressing concern about the health and welfare of people, the KSU leader requested locals to stop consuming the dead fishes. “We requested the people of the area to stop collecting the dead or nearly dead fishes from the river and especially to stop supplying these fishes to the market as it is very dangerous and it might affect the health of the people,” Thongni said.

The student leader also informed that the continued death of fishes was found after the KSU Ranikor Circle constituted a team of Environment Protection Cell to

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