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Tamil Nadu: Fishnet manufacturers welcome anti-dumping duty on Chinese imports by Deepa H. Ramakrishnan April 16,2018   |  Source: The Hindu

Fishnet manufacturers here are elated over the anti-dumping duty imposed on the import of nets from China and Bangaldesh. Calling the decision a big help to local fishermen, M. Shafiullah, former honorary secretary of the Indian Fishnet Manufacturers Association, said Indian nets were better in quality.

“China is our main competitor now in terms of numbers. But when it comes to quality, the world trusts Indian nets. This anti-dumping duty means an additional $2.19/kg for Chinese nets and $2.8/kg for Bangladeshi nets. This will put an end to imports and aid our units to work to their full capacity,” he said. Earlier, nets were being imported at prices less than the cost of raw material, he pointed out. India was ranked second in the world in manufacturing nylon fishing nets and the country exported around 10 - 12% of the 25,000 tonnes produced annually.

“Tamil Nadu, a major manufacturing hub, will benefit from this move,” said Suresh Radhakrishnan of Indonets, Nagercoil. Of the total 550 fishing net units in the country, Tamil Nadu has around 250 units that produce nylon nets and many of them are in Kanniyakumari district. “We can expect more business from places such as Kolkata and Mumbai where Chinese nets have been dumped. If we have regular business, then we

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