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Myanmar: Development could hurt Ayeyarwady River: environmentalists by SI THU LWIN May 10,2018   |  Source: Myanmar Times

Environmentalists and conservationists have warned that unbridled economic development along the Ayeyarwady River could cause irreversible harm to its ecosystem. “Damage has been done to some extent to the river’s ecosystem by urban development and economic expansion. We need to protect the river immediately,” said U Myo Thit, minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation in Mandalay Region. U Myo Thit underscored the importance of the role water plays in the development of the country and stressed the need to ensure sustainability in the use of this natural resource. “The ecosystems of rivers support economic development. The Ayeyarwady River has given so much support for the economic development of our country. It is a gift from Mother Nature.”

The Water Resources and Rivers Development Department is carrying out river bank erosion protection as well as river beautification and enhancement to jumpstart efforts to save the river. The WWF Myanmar said the results of a study it conducted from the source of the Ayeyarwady River to its mouth, as well as the present conditions of the people living along the river will be submitted to the Union government. Discussions about the results of the study on the role of river in Myanmar’s economy will be held

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