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Tamil Nadu: University develops new technology for shrimp feed by Deepa H. Ramakrishnan June 13,2018   |  Source: The Hindu

In an effort to help aquaculture farmers, the Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University has developed a new feed that will aid in the growth of the vannamei shrimp and the tilapia fish. Using biofloc, a new technology that obviates the need for the use of plankton in aquaculture, the feed called Nutrifloc has been developed. “We balance the carbon-nitrogen ratio in the water due to which certain microbes develop.

These microbes help maintain the quality of the water and reduce formation of sludge,” explained S. Felix, Vice Chancellor of the University, who is part of the team that has developed the technology. The technology reduces the use of water, which earlier had to be changed on a regular basis, brings down power consumption and cuts the cost of feed. With the adoption of the technology, aquaculture can be done indoors as well since sunlight would be required only for those using plankton.

The team has applied for a patent for the technology. “Due to an increase in shrimp production that has lead to a fall in prices, many farmers have been forced to sell at very low prices. The rising prices of lime, bleaching powder, medicines and oil and a ballooning wage bill have added to their miseries,” he added. “This feed would cost at least Rs. 20 less

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