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Mizoram: Landslides, floods plague Mizoram June 13,2018   |  Source: India Today

incessant rainfall in past 48 hours has triggered landslides and floods in various parts of Mizoram. The northeastern state has seen floods every year in past five years and this year seems to be no different. The land is now unstable around the hilly areas cuts across National Highway 54. It is the area located near Hunthar, Aizawl and its the road to the airport too. Even areas just outside the Aizawl city located near the Tlawng river had been badly affected.

Flooding has affected the lives of the people and even houses have collapsed. A two storey house collapsed due to the landslide, leaving eight family members injured. Four have been rushed to Aizawl civil hospital for proper treatment while the rest have been given first aid. Disaster management & rehabilitation (DM&R) team and local NGOs like Young Mizo Association (YMA) run by the youth in the state are currently cleaning up the rubble and helping the affected people but the landslides are far from stopping in the days to come.

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