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India: Formalin-laced fish create scare across India by M Manikandan and Sadiq Naqvi and Ramesh Babu July 11,2018   |  Source: Hindustan Times

The month of July heralds the start of fishing season after a two month hiatus due to monsoons. This year the fishing season started a bit early in most Southern states. However, fishermen have a new reason to worry. Price of fish for instance in Kasimedu the biggest harbour in Chennai, which usually sells about 200 tonnes of fish on weekends and around some 50 to 70 tonnes on the weekdays has crashed by more than 25% from Rs 200 per kg to just about Rs 130-150 per kg.

The reason: Health authorities sounded a warning that the fish might not be fresh and it maybe laced with formalin. The chemical is a carcinogenic substance used to preserve cadaver and was found among some samples. However Tamil Nadu is not alone. A fortnight back check post officials at Palakkad in Kerala had seized 14,000 kg of formalin laced fish from eight trucks and sent them back to their originating place in Andhra Pradesh with a warning that they were not edible in any form and should be destroyed immediately. A week later another 6000 kg of similarly formalin laced prawns and fish were seized again by health authorities in Kerala. This issue of formalin preserved fish is something which is increasingly becoming a challenge across the country.

For instance, fish maybe an important ingredient in the

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