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Meghalaya: To develop 25,000 fresh fish ponds September 14,2018   |  Source: UNI India

The Meghalaya government has proposed to developed around 25,000 fresh fish pond to make the state a self sufficient in fish production. “Proposals are in progress for developing around 25,000 fresh fish ponds we want the state to produce fish on its own in the next few years without depending on others,” Fisheries Minister Comingone Ymbon said. Meghalaya had developed around 17,000 fish ponds under the state aquaculture mission so far.

He said the government would submit the proposals to the Centre for financial assistance. The financial requirement for developing the proposed fish ponds is yet to be worked out. Meghalaya imports about 21,000 metric tonnes of fish annually from outside like Andhra Pradesh, while the state on its own produces only around 12,000 metric tonnes annually. In the last five years, the fish ponds created under aquaculture mission could produce around 8,000 metric tonnes of fish in a year.

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