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West Bengal: Fish to reach home from rearing unit by Snehal Sengupta September 14,2018   |  Source: Telegraph India

A state-of-the-art fish rearing and retail facility is set to come up in Nalban near Nicco Park from the end of this month. The State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) has already received funds from the National Fisheries Development Board to start the project. And as a bonus for residents of Salt Lake, the fish reared here will be sold in the township as a pilot project. According to Soumyajit Das, the managing director of SFDC, this is the first time that the central body is funding a project that will have a waterbody fed by sewage water. “They were very happy with our proposal and have released funds for the same. We will start work later this month,” said Das.

According to Das, unlike other fishery projects they will have fish hatcheries in Nalban. “They will be similar to hatcheries for chicken where we will raise the fish inside specially-curated waterbodies from fish eggs.” In most centres, SFDC would release fingerlings or small fish into the water and then raise them into bigger fishes. However, this time the body will create special pools with proper ambient temperature to raise fish from eggs.

“This facility will encompass everything that is required for a modern fish breeding centre,” said Das. According to him, while home grown varieties

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