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Karnataka: Fishermen urge govt to allow bull trawl fishing by Manjushree G Naik September 14,2018   |  Source: Deccan Herald

Malpe Trawl Boat Fishermen Association has urged the government to allow bull trawl fishing for at least three months, as it is an old method of fishing which is being practised for decades. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Malpe Trawl Boat Fishermen Association President Ganesh Suvarna said bull trawling or pair trawling was in practice along the coastal districts of Karnataka during the months of September to November. The indiscriminate ban on bull trawling by the government two years ago has led to fury among the fishermen in Malpe who use small sized vessels to catch fishes. They have taken the decision to challenge the government order that bans bull trawl fishing.

He asserted that bull trawling is unavoidable for survival because soon aert the rainy season, the water turns cool in the bottom of the sea, leading to fishes gathering far above. At such point, no other method will be successful in catching fishes other than bull trawling. He added that the engines used are below 140 horsepower and they engage in fishing within 12 nautical miles from the seashore. The government should have discussed with the fishermen leaders before coming to a conclusion. The decision to ban bull trawl fishing is a unilateral decision taken by the government.

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