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Andhra Pradesh: Ramayapatnam fishermen a worried lot by S. Murali September 14,2018   |  Source: The Hindu

Thirty-five-year-old Chapala Shanthakumari, a fisherwoman from Ramayapatnam, stares at the sea with worry writ large on her face, having come to know about the State government clearing the decks for the location of a port in the sleepy village.

Unable to reconcile with the thought of displacement from the village soon or later, she says, “It will be better if the news is false.” “We are eking out a living in a small way by selling the catch brought by our men from the sea. We will be fish out of water if we are moved out from here,” she tells The Hindu in a choked voice. Members of the community share her concerns over displacement and resettlement as they are agitated over the port coming up in their vicinity even before addressing their problems.

“None of the us holds even a cent of land. Any amount given as compensation will be spent in no time. We will not be able to lead a dignified life thereafter,” says village sarpanch Avanigadda Krishna Rao. “The policies evolved to compensate for the project-induced displacement and resettlement are followed more in breach than in practice,” complains M. Koteswara Rao, a fisherman. To drive home his point, Mr. Koteswara Rao refers to the alleged removal of the fishermen, who had been initially employed at a

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