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India: Garware Technical Fibres could transform agriculture and fisheries in India by RN Bhaskar October 11,2018   |  Source: Money Control

Five years ago, hardly anyone would have bothered to take a second look at Garware Wall Ropes (which has now been rechristened to Garware Technical Fibres or GTF). Its shares were languishing, and the scope of its activities hardly known to many. But since then, the markets have witnessed the steady but sharp climb of the company's shares. Then take a look at its financials and a similar picture begins to emerge. Clearly, something unusual is happening with this company. Talk to the company’s management, and the guys there will tell you (rather blithely) that they do not pay much heed to the stock market performance. But scratch a bit deeper, and you realise that this is a company that is determined to show to the market, that its animal spirits are raring to go.

Probe a bit further and you will realise that, unlike most companies, GTF produces over 20,000 products (the company prefers to call them SKUs), which could be categorised into 13 verticals. Perhaps, no other company comes close to this range of products other than maybe the legendary 3M.

But there is a big difference. 3M focuses on products that can be mass produced. GTF focuses on products that are specially engineered. "They are designed and engineered to cater to the specific needs of the customer.

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