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Afghanistan and Pakistan: Cooperation for sustainable usage of River Kabul stressed October 11,2018   |  Source: The International News

Afghan Consul General Professor Mohammad Moeen Marastial has urged the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan to sit and discuss water issues between the two countries to resolve them in line with the international laws. "I would rather go a step forward and demand more deliberations and conferences besides talks at government level over the border disputes, refugees' issue and trade," he said while speaking at a conference on "Sustainable Usage of River Kabul: Prospects and Challenges for Pak Afghan Cooperation."

The conference was arranged by the Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar, on Wednesday. University of Peshawar's Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mohammad Asif, former Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Azmat Hayat Khan, Prof Dr Amir Nawaz Khan and a number of other speakers also spoke on the occasion.

The Afghan consul general said that the water disputes are there in all parts of the world. "In South Asia too, water is a big issue. Afghanistan, however, has managed to resolve water disputes with its neighbours. The dispute between Afghanistan and Russia over River Amu before the Russian invasion was resolved during the rule of King Zahir Shah," he recalled.

He said Afghanistan and Iran had concluded a treaty on sharing the waters of River Helmand. "Now the Iranian

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