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Myanmar: Raises efforts to export fishery products January 10,2019   |  Source: Myanmar Times

Two fish processing plants — TT Cold Store Factory and A&N Foods (Myanmar) Co. Ltd — have been granted permits to export fish caught in the wild to the European Union, according to a report by state media. The Fisheries Department, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation, is working with the fish processors and exporters to ensure Myanmar fishery products meet the rules and regulations of importing countries, including the EU, the report said.

21 local fish factories have been given permission to export their products to the EU so far. TT Cold Store and A&N Foods were permitted to place their products in the EU market after meeting the requirements. However, Myanmar currently does not meet the standards required to export farmed fish, as local fish farms are not prepared to guarantee their products are free from biochemical residues. Residue tests have to be conducted at each stage of production, which includes hatching, farming, feeding and processing.

To meet EU import standards, fishery products must be produced by only those hatcheries that are compliant with the Good Aquaculture Practices. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has agreed to send a delegate from its Food and Drug Authority to check on cold storage facilities and fish farms in Myanmar.

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