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India: Press Release: Budget hollow in allocations: As far as the fishworkers are concerned February 07,2019   |  Source: NFF

National Fishworkers Forum has been demanding a separate Ministry for Fisheries with the specific objective of addressing the concerns of the small scale and traditional fishworkers along with other coastal communities. However, it is disappointing that the government has rejected this long standing demand and converted it to a mere department. Following the reports on media it seems that the focus of this department will on boosting the export of the marine inland resources rather than focusing on the issues fishworkers face. While growth in budgeted allocations may be high, fisheries continue to lag behind animal husbandry and dairying with total allocations to fisheries amounting to just 41% and 38% of those made to animal husbandry and dairying respectively.

Near half of budgeted fisheries allocations are towards establishment expenditure involved in running the Fisheries Institutes, whose allocations grew almost 30% in 2019-20. The Fisheries Institutes consists of Fisheries Survey of India, National institute of Fisheries post-harvest technology & Training, Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for fisheries, Central institute for Fishermen Nautical Engineering & Training and Directorate of Aquatic Animal Health and Quarantine.

Other central expenditure towards the

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