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Telangana: AI touch to Telangana’s aquaculture by Sruti Venugopal February 11,2019   |  Source: Telangana Today

For farmers working in the aquaculture industry, technology has been a far-sighted feature. However, a Hyderabad-based startup Aqualitik is changing this norm one step at a time. Although not fully operational, the startup is planning to help farmers manage the pond and crop health by delivering real-time alerts and actionable insights from the field.

“Once we are done with our research work and have collected sizeable portion of data, we plan to help farmers in monitoring, analysing, intelligent controlling of pond equipment, predict the water and health condition and act accordingly,” said N Dheeraj, co-founder, Aqualitik.

Started by four young entrepreneurs – Hanuma Tej, Kashyap Kompella, Harsha and Dheeraj – the startup was founded 2-3 months ago and is still in the research and data collection stage. It sees big scope for its technology in States like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Gujarat. It has got an aquaculture expert on-board who is helping them with the data collection and different use-cases.

The company plans to use artificial intelligence technology to provide real-time insights to farmers on the health of their produce and also look at how it can help them increase their yield and what kind of seed to use for a healthier produce and host

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