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World News: In Focus: Small-scale fisheries in Asia by Srey Kumneth February 28,2019   |  Source: Khmer Times

To strengthen its mission in improving fisheries and aquaculture, WorldFish is currently holding a six-day conference in Penang, Malaysia. The event has gathered representatives from six Asian countries that are experiencing similar issues and concerns in small-scale fisheries, research and policy formulations.

WorldFish, Food and Agriculture Organisation/UN, national research institutions, NGOs, research communities and journalists have been in Penang since February 18 to discuss the current challenges in fisheries and aquaculture in all six countries involved and how governments and private sectors adapted feasible and effective solutions to such challenges.

For six days, all participants from the countries where WorldFish has engagements with different stakeholders in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture such as Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Malaysia are learning more about ecology, technology, history, economics and politics in the fishing industry.

John Kurien, honorary fellow of small-scale fisheries research programme Fish CRP and WorldFish, said that small-scale fisheries should not be advocated exclusively on social and welfare grounds. But rather, small-scale fisheries should be supported for economic, technical, ecological,

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