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Sri Lanka: Arrangements made to get Sri Lankan fishermen and boats released from Maldives custody in next two days March 14,2019   |  Source: Colombo Page

State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Dilip Wedaarachchi says that all arrangements have been made to get the 25 Sri Lankan fishermen arrested in Maldives and their multi-day trawlers released. State Minister Wedaarachchi informed the relatives of the arrested fishermen and the owners of the multi-day trawlers that steps have been taken to bring the fishermen within the next few days.

Relatives of the fishermen who are currently being detained in the Maldives along with their boats and the owners of the boats met with the State Minister at the Ministry today and discussed the release of these fishermen. The Minister stated that the release of the fishermen was discussed with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and all possible arrangements at diplomatic level have been made.

As a result of discussion held by the Prime Minister with Maldivian authorities the fisherman will be released within two days, the Minister said. Accordingly, arrangements have been finalized to get the fisherman and their vessels released by now.

Maldivian authorities late last month seized two multi-day fishing vessels sailing back to Sri Lanka after engaging in fishing in the Arabian Sea along with the fish catch, the fishing gear and the fishermen on board, and two other

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