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West Bengal: Mission Statement of Small Scale Fish Workers’ Consolidation April 11,2019   |  Source: DMF

We stand and advocate for a fisheries policy that protects the fish resources and the small and marginalised fishing communities' right to use the fish resources in harmony with nature. We dedicate ourselves to establish an alternative paradigm for sustainable development with peoples' power and involve ourselves in transformative politics to bring in the same. India is gifted with incredible water resources. Great seas on three sides, large number of rivers, lakes, wetlands, reservoirs and ponds not only provide us with water bodies of huge number and bewildering diversity, but also produce large quantity of fish to make India stand second in the world.

Total annual fish produced by both capture and culture fisheries in our country has been nearly 11 million tonnes, of which inland fisheries account for more than 66%. About 6 million workers including fishers, fish farmers, fish processing workers, fish sellers alongwith net and boat makers or repairers earn their livelihood from fisheries. Hence there is a fisheries dependent population of no less than 3 crores (30 million). Inland fisheries account for more than two third of the employment in fisheries. Fish provides high quality and cheap animal protein together with many beneficial minerals and vitamins. Around 80

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Years in Support of Small Scale Fishworkers (1986 - 2018)