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Andhra Pradesh: ‘Vannamei’ to make State a leading hub for aqua exports by Santosh Patnaik May 15,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

Even as seafood growth is expected to slow down to 17% during 2019-20 from 20% recorded during the past two years, Vannamei exports from Andhra Pradesh will make the State a leading hub for aquaculture exports. The overall growth of seafood exports will come down mainly due to stringent guidelines imposed by the United States under its Seafood Import Monitoring Programme by withdrawing preferential trade treatment and levying anti-dumping duties forcing exporters from the country to explore new markets. “Vannamei (white-leg shrimp), an exotic species known for its taste and low cost, is most sought after in the export market and we are doing extremely well in culturing it,” Association of Indian Fishery Industries president Y.G.K. Murti told The Hindu on Monday.

Andhra Pradesh, specifically, the Krishna, West Godavari and East Godavari districts, account for 25% of the country’s aquaculture. It leads in shrimp farming, with production of over 300,000 tonne of Pacific whitetail or Vannamei in 2018. The State leads in seafood exports, with shrimp accounting for close to 95% of exports. “The AP government has been focussing on making shrimp culture a long-term sustainable industry. So, in many ways, it has avoided the mistakes that other States, notably Tamil Nadu, made,



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