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Bangladesh: Protecting our biodiversity May 15,2019   |  Source: The Daily Star

Bangladesh is a country where various flora and fauna used to thrive. But in recent years, due to excessive population growth, poaching, overuse of natural resources, climate change and other reasons, our ecology is in danger. Many of our species are already extinct and numerous others are endangered. The Sundarbans is no exception.

The mammals of the forest are in the most critical condition. They need a spacious habitat which is diminishing every day due to excessive harvesting of the natural resources. The growth in human population is pushing such endangered species towards extinction. The aquatic environment too is being polluted by insecticides, industrial waste and so on. If this continues, this glorious forest would be reduced to a pitiful sight. Due to the interconnected food chain, other dependent animals will also be harmed, which will cause the entire ecosystem to suffer from imbalance, ultimately affecting the human dwellers of the vicinity. The government and the Forest Department of Bangladesh, who are already aware of this situation, should take proper steps to save the biodiversity of the Sundarbans. After all, it is our duty to protect it.


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