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Kerala: They find little succour in trawl ban by Navamy Sudhish June 10,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

For the next 52 days the sea belongs to them, yet the fishermen in the traditional sector are a wary lot. Perturbed over a number of factors, from rapidly shrinking catches to random weather warnings and safety challenges, they say they are bracing for a dry season.

“For the last two months, a majority of us are sitting at home as 90% of the boats are returning without any reasonable catch. It’s not easy to cough up the fuel expense without any return and we know we are moving towards harder times. They point out pollution, migration of some species, and certain unanticipated tropical conditions as the reason for this fall in catch. But since 2011 there has been a gradual dip and this time the situation is really bad,” says Jackson Pollayil, State president, Kerala Swatantra Matsyathozhilali Federation.

He adds that this year the traditional fishermen have been left with a sea ravaged by many unscientific and destructive practices, pair trawling topping the list. “Earlier, trawlers never used to engage in pelagic fishing (fishing from upper layers of the open sea), leaving behind a number of species like mackerel and sardine for the traditional sector. But now they do pair trawling using very huge nets sweeping all three levels of the sea. We often see them dumping

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