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Kerala: Fisheries to carry out inspections at markets June 10,2019   |  Source: The Times of India

Fisheries department will conduct checking during the trawling ban period from the midnight of June 9 to the midnight of July 31 to prevent adulterated fish from being sold in the market as there would be scarcity of fish during the ban. With the ban to be in force for 52 days, officials said there were possibilities of old and decayed fish from other states being transported into the state by adding preservatives and unauthorized chemicals. An official communique in this regard from the office of fisheries assistant director, fisheries station, Vypin, reiterated that fishing vessels apart from traditional fishing boats were not allowed to go for fishing, no matter what, during the trawling ban.

Since it is the breeding season for most fish during the southwest monsoon, fishing methods in violation of Kerala Marine Fisheries Regulation Act would face stringent action and fine upto Rs 2 lakh. Capturing of small fish in violation of minimum legal size and fishing by joining two boats known as pair-trawling would not be allowed, the communique stated. The communique stated that the fisheries department had arranged patrol boats for ensuring safety of traditional fishermen who venture into the sea during the monsoon. Two of the three patrol boats would be based in Vypin fisheries


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