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Kerala: Boats make a beeline for Vizhinjam by Tiki Rajwi June 10,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

The men, some 25 of them, quickly fall into position as the mini pick-up swings down a slope, reverses and brakes, its tail-end facing the harbour. With practised ease, they begin the process of unloading the unwieldy cargo — a mid-sized fibre glass fishing boat — down to the sandy strip bordering the water. At 12 noon Sunday, three more pick-up vans are in queue at the Vizhinjam fisheries harbour with similar loads. “During the next three, three-and-a-half months, we will operate our boats from here,” explained Siluvaiyyan, 31, from Pulluvila, a fishing village 8.5 km south of Vizhinjam.

Traditional craft

The 52-day trawl ban which came into effect on Sunday midnight has little impact on Vizhinjam as only small, traditional fishing craft operate here. But with the sea turning choppy with the onset of the southwest monsoon, Vizhinjam with its breakwater-protected harbour is seen as a haven for fishing boats — one reason why fishermen from nearby fishing villages have already started making a beeline for this spot with their vessels.

“We do this every year. Back home, we can neither beach the boats safely nor take them out for fishing because the sea is extremely rough at this time of the year,” said Siluvaiyyan, who has been engaged in kadalpani, literally

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