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Telangana: Inland fisheries production tops 3L tonnes June 11,2019   |  Source: Telangana Today

Telangana achieved another milestone in the inland fisheries sector as the production crossed three lakh tonnes for the first time. It was initially estimated that the fisheries sector registered about 2.94 lakh tonnes of production during 2018-19, but the revised numbers indicate that it had surpassed the three-lakh tonne mark, which is about 37,000 tonnes more than the last fiscal’s fish production.

Further, the fish production is said to have already gone past 70,000 tonnes since April during the financial year of 2019-20. Officials said due to decreasing water levels in reservoirs, the fishermen were able to ensure a good catch during summer. Considering the good response, officials are preparing to release a fresh batch of fish seedlings into the reservoirs and water tanks across the State within the next one month.

In fiscal 2018-19, about 70 crore fish seedlings were released into various water bodies in the State, which is about 45 per cent more than the 50-crore seedlings supplied in 2017-18 fiscal. However, the fish production could not reach the target of 3.4 lakh tonnes fixed by the Fisheries Department for the financial year due to inadequate water in reservoirs, tanks and other water bodies.

Due to the government’s efforts, about 3.7 lakh fishermen are



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