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Kerala: Amidst debate over its impact, trawl ban begins June 12,2019   |  Source: The New Indian Express

Setting off a debate on the loss of livelihood, unemployment and depleting marine stocks in Kerala’s coastal sea, the 52-day trawl ban period commenced here on Monday morning. The 3,500 - odd trawl boats and longliners have anchored near the harbours in the state and the workers, most of them hailing from neighbouring Tamil Nadu, have returned home. The Fisheries Department has started patrolling the coastal seas to ensure that no mechanised boats violate the ban.

However, the usual festive cheer is missing among the traditional fishermen, who are allowed to continue fishing during the ban period. Though the traditional fishermen used to get bumper catch during the ban period due to the absence of big trawlers, there has been a steep decline in availability of fish in the coastal sea, due to overfishing.

The traditional fishermen, who were eagerly waiting the onset of monsoon, are in distress as the cyclonic storm has turned the sea rough. The Fisheries Department has been restraining the fishermen from venturing into the sea due to the adverse climatic conditions prevailing in the region for the past couple of days.The monsoon season usually attracts more fish species to the coastal sea as the flood waters will bring nutrients to the sea, which trigger the growth of

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