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Odisha: Cage fish farming to be extended to Odisha's Jharsuguda June 12,2019   |  Source: The New Indian Express

The State Government is all set to extend the cage fish farming project to Jharsuguda by linking the fishermen residing in the periphery of Hirakud Dam Reservoir (HDR) under Lakhanpur block of the district. Deputy Director of Fisheries, Sambalpur Zone, Pabitra Kumar Behera said four circular and 60 rectangular cages will be installed in the area. The Odisha Fisheries Cooperative Corporation Ltd (FISHFED) will execute the work in August. Fingerlings will be released into the cages in October.

The entire project will be undertaken at a cost of Rs 2.34 crore and the fund has already been provided by the District Mineral Fund. Behera said around 12,000 fingerlings of Indian major carp will be released into each circular cage which will produce about 10 tonnes of fish with a net profit of Rs 7.5 lakh within a period of six months. Altogether, 20 tonnes of fish will be produced from each cage per annum with a yearly income of Rs 15 lakh.

Similarly, each of the 60 rectangular cages will be infused with 2000 fingerlings of fast-growing fish varieties like Pangasius and Tilapia. Each cage will produce about two tonnes of fish ensuring a net income of Rs 1.25 lakh per annum. Six Primary Fishermen’s Co-operative Societies (PFCS), including Chourasi, Banrepat, Lachhipali,


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