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Maharashtra: Speed up compensation for rescuing protected marine species: Fishermen June 13,2019   |  Source: DNA India

While the Maharashtra State Mangrove Cell announced that fishermen who cut their fishing nets to free the entangled protected marine species would be compensated, the fishermen community seems to be disappointed by the delay caused due to the Fisheries Department in getting their compensation. DNA had first reported in March 2018 about the ambitious plan of Mangrove Cell, which had decided to pay fishermen up to Rs 25,000 for damages under its Mangrove Foundation's conservation project. However, as per the Government Resolution (GR), the claim by fishermen had to be first submitted to the Fisheries Department.

"The entire procedure is so lengthy that many fishermen do not even wish to apply for it and those who have applied several months back are yet to receive compensation. The major reason for the delay is the snail-paced administrative working style of the Fisheries Department," informed Ganesh Nakhawa, vice chairman of Purse Seine Fishing Welfare Association.

Nakhwa, who has been actively spreading awareness amongst the fishermen community to release endangered and protected marine species, said that several commercial fishermen simply cut their nets and release these marine species not for money but as their duty towards conservation. These species include turtles,

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