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Karnataka: Boats not undertaking fishing activity - Fish prices skyrocket June 13,2019   |  Source: Daiji World

Fishing season has ended. Because of cyclone, country boats are not venturing into the sea. As a result, there is shortage of fish in the market, pushing fish prices up. Fishing is still going on in Tamil Nadu coast now and a few varieties of fishes from there are making their way into the markets here.

The cost of silver fish, which is in high demand in coastal Karnataka, is now one hundred rupees for 30. Fish species like mackerel and sardines are reaching here from Tamil Nadu. Price of mackerel has reached Rs 400 per kg as against Rs 200 to 250 it commanded a few days back. Every sardine costs Rs 15 while sear fish although in demand, is in short supply.

Fishermen leaders feel that the prices of fish will remain high during this month. Once country boat fishermen begin fishing activity after a few days, the prices may come down a little, they say. Trawl Boat Fishermen's Association president, Nitin Kumar, said that fish prices have gone up because of shortage created due to the fishing season coming to an end and country boats not undertaking fishing activity.

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