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Goa: LED light fishing, bull trawling boost fish catch: Experts June 13,2019   |  Source: Herald

The marine fish catch has registered a sharp increase of over 30 per cent, especially between 2013 and 2014. Experts believe that the surge is due to LED light fishing and bull trawling methods. As per statistics available with the Fisheries Department, the year 2009 brought 80,687 tonnes of fish from the Arabian Sea for consumption. However, in 2017 the total fish catch was 1,20,430 tonnes, though in 2018 it dropped to 1,16,095 tonnes. Despite the decrease, the 2018 catch was 32 per cent more than in 2009. The statistics for the current year are yet to be cumulated. Per seine trawler owners acknowledge that the surge in the fish catch is due to bull trawling and LED light backed fishing. However, trawler owners refute allegations and claim that due to LED backed fishing the fish eco-system is being destroyed and that the fishing industry will be doomed in the near future.

All Goa Per Seine Boat Owners Association (AGPBOA) General Secretary, Seby Cardozo said that the fish caught by those using LED lights venture deep into the sea and do not disturb the fragile eco-system close to the shore. “Yes, due to LED fishing there has been an increase in the catch. Earlier the fish which would be in deep sea waters would die after its life span, but now we catch that fish and it is

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