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West Bengal: Brackish water from prawn bheris seeps into farmland, destroys crops June 14,2019   |  Source: Millennium Post

A large stretch of land in East Midnapore district is steadily getting converted into saline ponds because of the uncontrolled and intensive aquaculture that has increased salt concentration in local water bodies damaging the cultivation of paddy and other food grains. The area is used for rampant production of tiger prawns and vannamei shrimp using traditional methods of farming which fetches dollars from the international market.

The money earned from foreign market helps to cover the production cost. Fishermen organisations in the district have alleged that aquaculture was being done illegally by a section of people on the acres of land throughout the district. They pointed out that the paddy production has dwindled because of the salinity of water and the intensive aquaculture is taking a heavy toll on the environment and contributing marine pollution. As salty water from various rivers that are close to the Bay of Bengal is being channeled to the bheris through canals, it is affecting crops.

The water in rivers close to the coast is brackish because sea water enters during high tide. As the salty water seeps into cultivable land, it affects paddy. Several farmers from the district had earlier spoken about a significant drop in paddy production, with several

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