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Tamil Nadu: Fishermen demands government to set up ‘procurement centres’ for fishes June 17,2019   |  Source: UNI India

Mechanised boat fishermen of Rameswaram on Sunday urged Tamil Nadu government to set up “Direct Procurement Centres” (DPCs) across the state to buy fishes on the lines of DPCs to procure paddy from farmers at the support price.

“The State fisheries department should establish DPCs in the fishing jetties across 13 coastal districts to procure marine species from fishermen directly similar to that of run by Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation,” said S Emerit, leader of Rameswaram Mechanised Boats Fishermen Association, here.

He said though the fishermen returned to the shore this morning with a bountiful cache of around 600 to 800 kg of export-quality shrimps, crabs and fishes per fishing trawler on the first day after the end of 61-day annual fishing ban period, they could not get fair price as the ‘syndicate’ formed by the buyers, mostly export companies offered very low prices.

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