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Odisha; Fishing ban lifted, Paradip fishing harbour gets abuzz with activity June 17,2019   |  Source: Orissa Post

With the two-month long fishing ban lifted, Paradip harbor — one of the largest fishing harbours in the state — is again abuzz with activity. Thousands of fishermen in about 700 trawlers and mechanised boats sailed into the waters Friday midnight. Odisha government usually clamps a fishing ban between April 15 and June 14 to ensure a safe and hassle free breeding of sea fish. The ban goes a long way in increasing fish population. During this ban period, the fishermen never go into the water. With no alternative income source, a large section of the community finds it difficult to make the both ends meet. They keep waiting for the ban to be lifted.

As the ban has been lifted, seafood exporters of the state have opened their offices and collection centers to purchase fish and prawn from the fishermen. So is the case of the fish merchants from West Bengal who have already arrived here to buy fish from the fishermen. The trawler owners and the fishermen know from their experience that they would have a bumper catch this month. While it does not mean that there will be a decrease in fish population after one month, weather is likely play a spoilsport.

If there is any forecast of bad weather condition, it is the fishermen and trawler owners that are to suffer the loss. In

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