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Kerala: Fisheries sector looks at sustainable boats by Sudha Nambudiri June 18,2019   |  Source: The Times of India

The newly amended Kerala Marine Fisheries Regulation Act (KMFRA) is the first in the country that will address the carbon emission concerns from the mechanized and motorized fishing sector. There are more than 21,500 marine fishing vessels operating in the Kerala waters, of which more than 4,000 vessels are mechanized and another 11,000 accounts for motorized vessels. Studies by the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology have shown that energy efficient fishing systems including changes in the vessels, engine horsepower, gear and operations could reduce the carbon emissions.

Fisheries scientists who have been working on sustainable fishing technology said that vessel design, construction and operation fishing gear and methods, adoption of advanced technology and fleet management conservation, management and enhancement of resources were the key. “Across the world studies have calculated the carbon footprint of major fish harvesting systems like trawling, purse seining, gillnetting and long lining. For example, in trawling, the global warming potential is 5.43 per kilo of fish caught,” said Leela Edwin, head, department of fishing technology, CIFT.

According to a series of studies by the CIFT scientists including Leela Edwin, Dhiju Das and Renju Ravi under a

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