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Maharashtra: Pollution board seeks explanation from Dehu village on dead fish by Janice Saji June 18,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has sought an explanation from the Dehu gram panchayat for the thousands of dead fish found floating in the Indrayani river last week. “We have sent a notice to the Dehu gram panchayat on Wednesday, directing them to submit their response about the incident within the next 48 hours,” said Dilip Khedkar, regional officer, MPCB.

Mr. Khedkar said the MPCB would take action if the villagers failed to explain the incident in which around 4,000 fish, mostly mahseer, were found dead. “The cause of this incident was the release of untreated sewage, which resulted in the depletion of oxygen levels in the river. We believe 2-2.5 million litres of untreated sewage was released into the river per day by the village,” he said.

The fish were spotted floating on the Indrayani in Dehu, 30 km from the city on Sunday, sparking panic among residents in the area. The dead fish included the mrigal carp or white carp fish, rated as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, and a large number of mahseer fish, which holds significant spiritual value among the local people.

“We have sent the collected water and fish samples for analysis and expect the results in a few days,” said Upendra

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