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Sri Lanka: Canned fish: Import duty reduction hits local industry by SANJEEVI JAYASURIYA June 19,2019   |  Source: Sunday Observer

The reduction of duty on imported canned fish has negatively impacted the local canned fish industry and is on the verge of collapse, representatives of the industry said. However, a senior official at the Finance Ministry said, the decision to reduce import tax was to bring down the cost of living and to support a majority of people. The official added, canned fish comes under special commodity levy item and the Cabinet Sub Committee on cost of living has taken a decision to reduce the import duty.

“The committee has taken a decision to reduce the duty on this item on behalf of the consumers as canned fish which is a commodity heavily consumed by the people. It is in the hands of the Cabinet Sub-Committee to take a decision to cancel the duty reduction as per the submissions made by the Local Canned Fish Manufacturers’ Association,” he said.

President, Local Canned Fish Manufacturers Association of Sri Lanka, Shiran Fernando said, “Local canned fish manufacturers are in trouble due to government action which resulted in a 50 percent reduction in import duty on canned fish. The industry which is capable of supplying the entire needs of the country, faces a huge challenge to compete with the imported canned fish products due to the tax reduction. We request the

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