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Kerala: Black tiger shrimps make a comeback to Kerala’s farms after a decade June 19,2019   |  Source: The Indian Express

Kerala’s aquaculture farms are witnessing a positive comeback of the production of black tiger shrimps after over a decade, which can further boost the overall export of shrimps from the country. The black tiger shrimp is a species endemic to southeast Asia and was described by Greenpeace in 2010 as ‘commonly sold in supermarkets around the world and which have a very high risk of being sourced from unsustainable fisheries’.

The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), that functions under the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, had launched a project earlier this year to supply disease-free variety of black tiger shrimp seeds to farmers from its new nine-acre multispecies aquaculture complex (MAC) at Vallarpadam near Kochi. Since then, a mass sale of the seeds and initial feedback from the farmers indicate that the project has taken off well.

“We knew that increased production of the black tiger variety can boost India’s shrimp exports in the long run. We are seeing the early signs of it happening. Recently, I visited some of the aquaculture farms to understand the field performance of the seeds from our facility. Our seeds are doing very well. The farmers’ comments are encouraging,” said KS Srinivas, chairman of MPEDA, in a

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