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Pakistan: Chinese collaboration can increase Pakistan fisheries exports June 19,2019   |  Source: Urdu Point

Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) President Shah Faisal Afridi said on Tuesday that Pakistan can make a quantum leap in export promotion of the country by upgrading its fisheries sector in collaboration with China. He was chairing the PCJCCI think-tank's meeting that was also attended by PCJCCI Senior Vice President Ahmed Hasnain, Secretary General Salahuddin Hanif and a number of Executive Committee Members here.

Afridi said that SMEDA had developed a viable strategy for development marine fisheries sector during its initial operational phase, but the strategy could not be implemented fully because of the political turmoil. Now, keeping in mind the sea potential of Gwadar and CPEC, the marine fishing sector needs urgent upgradation, for which Chinese methods of fishing and the fish processing technology can be highly useful, he added and offered to bring Chinese expertise and investment in fisheries sector in case the government assures hand-holding coupled with conducive policies.

He informed that some Chinese companies had already evinced their interest to enter into joint ventures for making modern boats, sheds, and ice for marine fisheries. On this occasion, Ahmed Hasnain said that the Chinese way of fisheries development may curb illiteracy

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