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Manipur: Fish farmer’s day observed in Manipur July 11,2019   |  Source: Eastern Mirror

In a move to recognise and promote fish farming, the 19th edition of the National Fish Farmer’s day was observed in Imphal on Wednesday. The hard working fish farmers who produce both quality and quantity fish in the context of Manipur were also honoured by giving certificates and cash awards during the event.

Fish is a super food with lots of health benefits specifically to reduce cardiac related ailments. In India, the awareness of fish consumption is very low. More than 70 percent of states consume less than six kg fish per person per annum whereas WHO recommends consuming 12 kg fish in a year. The global per capita consumption is about 22.3 kg per year.

Director in charge A Subhas of Agriculture Department, Joint Director I Meghachandra of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Manipur, Senior scientist Ch Basuda of ICAR and Director Bidyarani Ayekpam of Fisheries department attended the observation in Imphal. Most of the speakers during the day’s function highlighted that lack of awareness about the benefits of fish and fish farming is an important issue to be addressed to boost fish production in the country and state in particular.

Joint Director Meghachandra of ICAR expressed the need to expand fish farming in the state not only in the valley but


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