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Myanmar: Flood resilience in Myanmar’s dry zone July 11,2019   |  Source: Relief Web

In central Myanmar, many villages and their inhabitants are in danger. Climate change is causing both excessive rainfall and prolonged drought, and the Irawaddy River, Myanmar’s lifeline, is increasingly bursting its banks. With disastrous consequences. The villagers are seated in a large circle around large sheets full of scribbles and post-it notes. Women in colorful robes raise their hands and call out their concerns, while the men nod in agreement, and Cordaid’s resilience workers eagerly write the statements down.

A massive scrum session

It looks a bit like a massive scrum session, but the participants are not planning a corporate project, instead, they are trying to divert serious threats to their environment and perhaps even their lives. The most important sheet is hanging on the wall: a map of the area on which an emergency plan is indicated with orange-colored arrows. This map is supposed to provide answers to a number of critical questions: what parts of the village are most vulnerable to flooding? How can the water be stopped? Where should the villagers evacuate to once the rising water can no longer be stopped?

A love-hate relationship

Everyone in this room has already fallen victim to the merciless expansion of the Irawaddy River. It is the ultimate

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