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India-Sri Lanka fisheries dispute: All you need to know by Nikhil Jha July 15,2019   |  Source: Times Now News

Sri Lankan Navy personnel on Friday arrested six Indian fishermen hailing from the state of Tamil Nadu for allegedly catching fish in the Sri Lankan water, India's newly created Department of Fisheries said. The fishermen from Nambuthalai in Ramanathapuram district had begun sailing in a country boat on Thursday and later, were detained near Nedhuntheevu for fishing in the Lankan waters, Deputy Director of Fisheries E Kathavarayan said. The Lankan Navy on June 27 allegedly chased away over 3,000 Tamil Nadu fishermen while they were straying into the island nation’s waters. As Sri Lanka often detains Indian fisherman over charges of crossing into their territory, here's what you should know about the dispute.

What is this dispute all about?

In the 1960s, the government of India decided to promote seafood exports, offering huge subsidies to fishermen. As a result of this move, the fishermen of Tamil Nadu capitalised on the world's rising seafood demand. At that time, there were no clearly demarcated maritime borders between India and Sri Lanka.

Finally, in the 1970s, India and Sri Lanka concluded the maritime boundary agreements of 1974 and 1976, delimiting international boundaries in the Palk Bay, the Gulf of Mannar, and the Bay of Bengal, respectively. The agreement

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