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Assam: China, Bhutan or deforestation role in Assam flood? by Sumir Karmakar July 31,2019   |  Source: Deccan Herald

Streamflow or rainfall data shared by China and Bhutan during the Monsoon makes very few in downstream Assam happy. The growing volume of water and the silt flowing down through the Brahmaputra originating in China and many of its tributaries from Bhutan is blamed for the flood, a problem aggravating almost every year.

“The Centre is blamed for not providing sufficient funds for floods in Assam. We have a sufficient amount of money for relief work but do we have an action plan in hand as yet for a permanent solution? Look at the volume of water that flowed down from China this time too. I am not saying China released excess water but we must keep this factor in mind before blaming the government,” Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told reporters here recently, when flood wreaked havoc, affecting over 58 lakh people in 31 of the state’s 33 districts.

Although flood is an annual problem, the scale of devastation has increased in the past few years - nearly 100 deaths during every flood, economic loss of at least Rs 5,000 crore and loss of 8,000 hectares of landmass due to bank erosion. This has prompted a call from many here to persuade China to form a joint action plan to tame the Brahmaputra and a similar mechanism for the rivers flowing down the hills of Bhutan

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