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Goa: Will ask CM to deploy cops at jetties to restore order August 01,2019   |  Source: Times of India

Fisheries minister Filipe Neri Rodrigues on Monday assured the House that action would be taken to restore order at jetties. He was replying to a question tabled by Tivim MLA Nilkant Halarnkar. “I will request the chief minister to deploy police at jetties before the season starts to maintain law and order,” Rodrigues said. He concurred with the legislators Churchill Alemao, Glenn Souza Ticlo, Rohan Khaunte and Francisco Silveira who complained about rising lawlessness and goondagiri at jetties, mainly at Malim.

“I will inquire about the cause of the disorder and who encourages it,” he said. The problems, Rodrigues said, started post mechanisation of the trawlers and when Goan trawler owners started sub-letting their vessels. He told the House that he will check how best this practice can be controlled. Further, he said many fishermen avail of the subsidy on boxes to store fish, but then proceed to sell them, thus misusing the benefits provided to them. On the Malim jetty encroachment issue, also raised by Harlankar, Rodrigues said he will examine whether it is due to a government project or is the work of some commercial players.

Halarnkar and Ticlo raised the issue of many Goan trawler owners being systematically deprived of the subsidy on diesel. “I know of


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