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Tatas set example with long-term Mahseer conservation by Mrityunjay Bose August 13,2019   |  Source: Deccan Herald

The majestic Mahseer game fish would have gone extinct but for a dedicated conservation initiative from the house of Tatas,the salt-to-soxware conglomerate. The majestic looking fish was once found in great numbers in the rivers that originate in the Himalayan and the Sahyadri ranges. But as time passes,things changed drastically for the "tiger of freshwater". "In the seventies, we came to know from locals that in Indrayani river,the fish number is reducing," says Vivek Vishwasrao,Head, Biodiversity Tata Power.

Vishwasrao says that the causes for the numbers to dwindle were many including discharge of industrial pollutants in rivers and lakes, degradation of ecological condition of the fish's environment, indiscriminate fishing of brood stock, impact of big projects, poaching, introduction of exotic species and population pressure on resources. To help the fish, Tata Power has been running the Mahseer conservation programme, ‘Act for Mahseer', for the last four decades.

"We started in a small way but today it is one of the most successful conservation programmes," says Vishwasrao — In a span of one year,the campaign was successfully positioned as India’s second largest conservation initiative axer ‘Save the Tiger’. The conservation project located ow the Walwan

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