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Karnataka: Fishermen return to set their houses in order by Raghava M August 13,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

Having worked for nearly two days in rescuing people from marooned areas in Kannur, on the outskirts of the city, and in B.C. Road town, 30-year-old Lakshman, a fisherman from Shillekhayata tribe, returned on Sunday morning to set right his and eight other thatched huts in Kadekar that remained marooned since Saturday evening. Wading through slushy waters, Lakshman and fellow residents started coming one after the other to their places, located on the banks of the Netravathi River near Jeppinamogaru in the city. Water is yet to completely drain out of these thatched huts, whose roof have flown away.

The fishing nets, each priced at around Rs 10,000, are totally wet and are of no use now. “We rescued many since Saturday and now we have are faced with the arduous task of re-building our houses and earning a livelihood,” lamented Lakshman. It was around Friday evening when water level started to rise. “We initially thought it to be high tide. As it started rising at a faster rate, we started moving out,” said Lakshman’s neighbour Shanta Kumar. They made use of their coracles to move out their family members, along with articles they could carry, to a dormitory at the Mallikarjuna temple nearby. They kept on moving things till the early hours of Saturday, he



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